Photographer. Los Angeles. All photography by me. All shot on film, with some digital tests here and there.

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Special edition B&W #handsorship. My good friend Simms passed along a B&W photo challenge to shoot a black and white photo everyday for 5 days.

So Simms, challenge accepted!!

When I first started learning photography I only shot black and white for many years and there is still a lot I love about it but my all time favorite thing about black and white is how much it accentuates shape and lines. By departing from the color we see normally black and white also somehow always feels more photographic to me too.

Elevator flash!

It’s Sunday so that means a little morning #Handsorship.

Beach Days. 

Julie. Crystal Cove. Sony A7. 

Julie. LA. 2014.

A sneak peak from our shoot with one of my all time favorite ladies Ms. Heather Bailey. So much more to come.

Heather Bailey and   Julie. LA. 2014. Sony A7 006.

Sometimes it’s less about what you can see…