Photographer. Los Angeles. All photography by me. All shot on film, with some digital tests here and there.

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Julie’s juicy booty.

Birthday booty! (Bonus torn undies; who knows how they got that way.)

I love this photo and even more so when it was properly credited to me! 

Little lacy Julie booty for y’alls Sundays! 


All pictures by derekwoodsphotography

Its always so flattering to see people put together collections of my work for their blogs. Its also fascinating to see my images collected in different ways that make themes and consistent ideas very apparent. Its something I never notice until I see images collected by other people. 

Its almost too late but in honor of national ass day, here is one of my favorite ass shots after. Julie post work out ass. Booty sweat!

Julie. LA. 2013. Polaroid 585.

Anonymous asked:
Does "your anaconda don't want none unless she got buns hun"!?

DAMN RIGHT!! But more specifically I don’t want none unless you are THESE buns hun: 

I love to watch her work, and best of all, I love to watch her make me dinner.

Happy Independence day!! To celebrate, we decided to make a GIANT polaroid of Julie’s American Booty. Get some GIANT American Booty up on your wall!

Limited run in 11” x 14” and 20” x 24” signed and numbered. Check up out HERE to get your own. 


05.27.14 Julie. Aspen.

“You have to start living the life of the person you want to be.”


05.03.14 Julie. Homeward bound.

"Drop it low and pick it up just like this" - Iggy Azalea


04.27.14 Julie. San Simeon.

"Anything in life worth doing is worth over doing." 

Saturday morning laundry time.

Julie. LA. 2014.