That day the internet news thought my photo in True Detectives was Sasha Grey; and so did she.

So a buddy of mine, Mr. chrisxglass, sent me this link: HERE


Which lead me to the guy that created the story, Marlow Stern and the original article here. Marlow asked Sasha Grey at SXSW if it was her: 

"I whip out my iPhone and show her the image of “Woman and Crucifix.”

“What the fuck?!” she exclaims. She’s in shock. “That’s my nose! That’s me! One hundred percent … I’m in True Detective!” she shrieks in jest. “That’s the opening credits? Yeah, I need to find out about this. That’s so weird.””

Its super weird! But sadly just a mistake. For those of you that didn’t see my post about it. My original photo of Machete was posted in 2011 and the company that make the opening sequences for True Detectives reached out to me to use the photo in the amazing opening. I was hugely flattered, and even more so after seeing how amazing the show is. Heres the photo used in the show and my original: 


Since the show aired, and gained in popularity shockingly this photo has been talked about in the opening sequence a lot. There was a reddit post theorizing if it held some secrets about the fait of Woody Harrelson’s daughter in the show found here


Another searching to find out who the photo is of, here.

I kind of figured after those that would really be the end of people talking about the photo. Then today its got really interesting when I started to follow the wildfire of sites that picked up Marlow’s story its get really fun: 


Huffington Post  actually links to a Reddit Post that actually has people stating the photos is mine with links and then laughing at the Huffington Post article for not fully reading the Reddit Article and saving themselves a misprint. 


International Business Times


Nerve (who added “Whoever is in charge of stock images at HBO is not on top of their game. Sasha Grey already appeared on HBO back in 2010, when she played Vinny Chase’s girlfriend on Entourage, everyone’s most favorite show ever (that’s a joke). And now here she is again, in a topless picture with a glowing cross Photoshopped into her hair. Yo, HBO, Sasha Grey is a famous person! You wouldn’t put Ron Jeremy’s picture in the opening credits of Game of Thrones. And then you didn’t even tell her! She had to find out from a reporter for The Daily Beast. Y’all messed up. Unless this is another cryptic mystery for Rust & Marty to solve? Something about the Yellow King and the Grey Queen?” - Liam Mathews) 

All in all it was a pretty fun day to read all of this and I believe I can speak for Machete and myself that we are flattered Sasha mistook it for a photo as herself; however it is not.

HBO, to their credit, took the time to hunt through tumblr and find me to get the rights for the photo in the sequence. Now a days thats a pretty rare thing and ironic given the due diligence HBO went through to get the rights for the photo, while none of the above sites did half as much work before posting their stories. Well done HBO. Thank you for making me a small part of an amazing show. 

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    and yet The Daily Beast still hasn’t correctd th story… shoddy.
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