Photographer. Los Angeles. All photography by me. All shot on film, with some digital tests here and there.

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Special edition B&W #handsorship. My good friend Simms passed along a B&W photo challenge to shoot a black and white photo everyday for 5 days.

So Simms, challenge accepted!!

When I first started learning photography I only shot black and white for many years and there is still a lot I love about it but my all time favorite thing about black and white is how much it accentuates shape and lines. By departing from the color we see normally black and white also somehow always feels more photographic to me too.

TGIF with a kiss before work from my love.

New Prints and New Society 6 Store! 

Been quiet on posts recently because I’ve been spending time getting a bunch of prints ready. A couple people have said they wished they could get prints but they were expensive. So I decided to open up a Society 6 store where you will also be able get prints for less than on Etsy. However all the Etsy prints are still limited, numbered and signed but with society 6 there are more price options.

All the giant Polaroids you see above are now on both stores; signed and numbered at and in a variety of sizes at I brought back a few old favorites for those that never got them as canvases.

Thank you all for all the love and support with the prints. Thank you to all the people that have prints on their walls it is hugely flattering and means a lot!!

Prints of Hattie Watson, Cam Damage, Julie, Miss Crash, and Verronica Divine


08.24.14 Julie. New Port Beach.

"Don’t grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach." - Michelle Held

San Gregoria State Beach. 2014. Polaroid 1890.

There are few troubles not set to ease by breaking waves and salty air.


08.22.14. Julie. Silverlake.

A photograph of us fighting.

I get asked a lot about fighting in relationships, and relationship expectations. Although from the vantage point of the internet it may seam that Julie and I never fight, that somehow we are immune, let me assure you we are not; its just not very photographable. All couples fight about different things. Money, the opposite sex, control, insecurities masked as a judgement on a third party. Fights are where we all display, find, and celebrate the worse parts of ourselves. We’ve all been in the wrong and fought harder and louder to get your partner to back down. We’ve all let our insecurities push us to attack the ones we love for fear that we may lose their love; cause deep down love makes us scared children sometimes. We’ve all, for no good reason, not come home with our customary kindness that our relationships started with. We all get lazy. But I think there is value in fighting. There is an honesty that comes out of breaking the stale silence of failed communication. Honesty is the true value of fighting. Inevitably we all have a hard time being truly honest and open with each other. It starts small, you asked your partner to pick up their stuff and the didn’t, you ask again, and they don’t, then you let it go; and thats how it starts. You weren’t honest and you held it in. We’ve all done that cause its easier. There’s not always time to have that talk, that argument or that fight; but you will eventually. I’ve been in several relationships, mostly longer ones, and one for about 10 years; and all of them taught me different things. Through it all, Ive learned for myself, that honesty is the most important part. I don’t care if a woman can cook, or clean, but I can’t be without openness and honesty. Julie and I do our best to live by this. We talk about everything as much as we can so those small unspoken fights, those unspoken resentments, don’t become a wall that we are both living on opposite sides of; but we don’t always succeed. We fuck up. We fight. Some times I’m the asshole and sometimes she plays that role; but for us its all worth it when it comes back to an honest account of why did we just fight. Im can be a hard person to date from the stand point that I know exactly what I want, and Im stubborn, and I think too much; and unfortunately, Julie is 100% the same way. We are two A types, and virtually the same person, so rather than a yin and yang, we often find ourselves more like two lions sitting in the same cage thrilled by the presence of an equal, but equally willing to find out whose got the larger balls; its me (ssssshhhh don’t tell her!). But for us, thats what we need. I couldn’t date someone that couldn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with me throughout my life. Ive always loved Julie’s strength and to know that if I ever fell she’d be there to pick me up, is what I need from my relationship. So we may walk through door ways at exactly the same time and block each other. We may at times spend a day not talking, each trying to prove our own point, oblivious to the other’s point. We may both think we are really the one in charge. But ultimately, thats both what we need. We love each other. We trust each other enough to be honest with each other and we were both fortunate enough to find a person that will be 100% honest back. People mistake the true fear of honesty as its hard to tell the truth; but thats not it, its only hard to tell the truth because when told the truth its hard to not react badly. Once you can hear the truth and not react badly, telling the truth is easy. So let me say here and now, there are no perfect relationships no matter how they may look from the outside; but, there are the relationships that are worth working for, fighting for and push you to never get lazy and always be a better partner. When you find that, hold on to it. Fight for the relationship, not against your partnered. Be wrong. Be flawed. But let yourself be honest and let your self be loved and love your partner in return. Julie I love you, and I know that in this fight, you were right; I’m sorry.

Anonymous asked:
Derek, do you get the 'writers block'? How do you rejuvenate your creativity?

Thats a great question. I definitely do. What I do is that anytime I see an image that inspires me in anyway I add it to my Evernote. Before any shoot I will research the model by looking through all or most of their photos. Find out what angels I like on them, how I think they look their best. How I think they will be most comfortable. Then I look through my Evernote and with the ideas I have from looking through the models work, I start to collect photos that I think could generate a cool look. So really the way that I rejuvenate my creativity is by looking through the work, photos, paintings and art in general that inspires me. By having that collection of inspiration at my finger tips at any time, its like having a customer made writers block crusher. 

As for actual writing, not ideas for photography, I actually have stolen my idea from photography stuff to do the same. I have collections or writing, quotes, passages, chapters, in my Evernote that I will read through when I need inspiration or idea. 

Essentially what Im saying is that Evernote has become my brain repository, and I rejuvenate it by re-reading/revisiting the art that has inspired me. 

So much trouble so many photobooth strips. #zackandemily (at Chain Reaction)

Getting wedding fancy! #iphonemirror